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Say You Want Me

***Please note: This is a stand-alone novel. You do not need to read Something More Book One to enjoy Cesar's story.*** I want Cesar Cruz. God, how I want him. And he’s made it no secret he desires

ISBN10 : 1535256486 , ISBN13 : 9781535256483

Page Number : 267

Say You Need Me

I need Cesar Cruz. God, how I need him. He says he needs me, too, even after we’re caught up in an emotional whirlwind—faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Cesar’s jealous ex-lover, and his pushy

ISBN10 : 154403668X , ISBN13 : 9781544036687

Page Number : 221

Say You Love Me

I love Cesar Cruz. God, how I love him. He’s confessed to loving me, too. But sometimes words mean nothing when spoken in the throes of passion. I don’t just need Cesar to say he loves me; I need

ISBN10 : 1539992241 , ISBN13 : 9781539992240

Page Number : 310

Say When

**WINNER OF THE 2014 EFESTIVAL OF WORDS BEST AUDIO BOOK** He told me to say when, but I can’t. Not with Andrés. It’s so hard to say anything when he’s trailing feather soft kisses down my neck,

ISBN10 : 1490965386 , ISBN13 : 9781490965383

Page Number : 207

Say Forever

Christina I love Andrés so much, more than anyone I’ve ever loved before, yet there are days when I don’t know if I want to scream, swear, or fall to pieces. We’re trying to plan a future toget

ISBN10 : 1494942801 , ISBN13 : 9781494942809

Page Number : 282

Say Please

Andrés I meant every word when I told my wife how much I appreciate the way she cares for our son, but no husband should have to fight for attention like a dog begging for table scraps. It’s about

ISBN10 : , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 55

Something More

In the far future, Britain is a divided land, ruled by the great families. In the wilderness between the cities lies Heartsease, a grand country estate, now quite empty, but mysteriously well-tended.

ISBN10 : 9780575072039 , ISBN13 : 0575072032

Page Number : 422